Potluck + art = SLIDELUCK

Masai Mara elder, KenyaPhotos from my trip around the world, including this Masai elder, will be part of the juried slideshow at the first SLIDELUCK Savannah!

Join the party

This nonprofit slideshow and potluck event will bring together members of Savannah’s arts, photography, food and media communities.

It will be held Jan. 24, 7 p.m. at the American Legion Post 135 (upstairs ballroom), 1108 Bull St., Savannah, Georgia.

“But it’s not just about the art, it’s about breaking bread with members of the community,” says director Francis Allen. “Reaction to this event has been overwhelming! So much so, in fact, that we’ve had to upsize the venue to accommodate everyone that wants to be a part of this.”

Attendees are asked to pay a $2 cover charge (price includes one beer or soft drink) and bring a home-cooked dish as their ticket to the event. Tickets will be available at the door for $10 for attendees without a home-cooked dish.

Because of the location, attendees must be 21 or older.

RSVP to attend via Facebook.

Schedule of events

In a relaxed and spirited atmosphere, the evening will begin with drinking, mingling and dining on home-cooked dishes provided by participants, with supplements donated by several restaurants.

Afterwards the lights will be dimmed, and a slideshow will become the focus of attention. The slideshows are accompanied by music, commentary and other multi-media mix-ins. Presenters range from the very accomplished to those who have never shown work publicly before.

Juried selection of artwork

Allen and producer Summer Teal Simpson have curated the works of more than 20 local artists for the Savannah event.

“When you consider that each artist is presenting twenty or so pieces, this amounts to a huge body of work—an almost unprecedented assemblage of the creativity in this city,” says Allen.

Simpson concurs. “Just reviewing the submitted slides makes me appreciate how much artistic talent we have in Savannah and how lucky we are to be so immersed in it.”

The presenting artists include:

Exhibition at Oglethorpe Gallery

There will be an exhibition and sale of works by presenting SLIDELUCK artists at Oglethorpe Gallery, 406 E. Oglethorpe Ave. from Jan. 31-Feb. 3. There will be a reception Jan. 31.


SLIDELUCK (formerly known as Slideluck Potshow) is a forum for artists, curators and art appreciators to view new work, while stimulating the arts community in a vital and refreshing exchange. SLIDELUCK is an exhilarating occasion that reminds us why we create in the first place.

What began as a grassroots effort by SLIDELUCK’s founder, Casey Kelbaugh, in his Seattle backyard in 2000, has become an international cultural phenomenon. Now based in New York City, SLIDELUCK collaborates with local partners in dozens of shows per year from Berlin to Austin, Tel Aviv to, now, Savannah.

SLIDELUCK Savannah is a production of Pandorum, the arts organization created by Francis Allen to foster accessibility to and participation in the creative process. Pandorum’s goal is to produce two-three events similar to SLIDELUCK Savannah throughout the year.

Additional information

SLIDELUCK’s global initiatives.

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