Step back to 1893 in Florida time

Short history: A man came to Florida and thrived with a love for the land, the growing community, the native Americans and a woman named Ivy.

Longer history: Ohio-native Frank Stranahan, age 27, came to the area now known as Fort Lauderdale in 1893. He had been hired to manage his cousin’s camp and ferry on the New River. He quickly established a thriving trading business with the local Seminole Indians, gaining a reputation among them as a fair businessman. Learn the rest of the story.

Even though it is now surrounded by contemporary high rise buildings, the Frank and Ivy’s house is open for daily guided tours at 335 S.E. Sixth Ave., just off Las Olas Blvd. on the New River. No self-guided tours are allowed.

The Stranahan House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Built in 1901 as a trading post and converted into a residence for the Stranahans in 1906, the house is the oldest surviving structure in Broward County.
The study at the Stranahan House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The study at the Stranahan House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The fireplace and phonograph at the Stanahan House in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Love the vintage phonograph!
Stranahan House interior, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The interior of the first floor of the Stranahan House
Vintage kitchen of the Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
It’s all about cook from scratch in the Stranahan House kitchen. Crazy to think that they set the table legs in cans of kerosene to keep the bugs from crawling upward.
Vintage kitchen and ice box at the Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Where did they get the ice to keep in the ice box?
Laundry facilities at the Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
The laundry facilities at the Stranahan House
Upstairs bedroom at the Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
An upstairs bedroom at the Stranahan House. Can you imagine being able to pack all your clothes into one steamer trunk?
Stairs at the Stranahan House, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Notice how the top steps (leading to the attic) become shelves for storage.


End your visit with gelato

After your visit to the Stranahan House, walk a few blocks over to Pan’e Dolci Italian Bakery for treats.


Pan'E Dolci Italian Bakery, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
So many gelato choices at the Pan’E Dolci Italian Bakery. I went for the caramel gelato.


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