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FAQs based on author experience at Miami Book Fair

Kristine K. Stevens answers the most frequently asked questions at the Miami Book Fair International

miami-book-fair-badgeHow long did you travel?
About seven months.

How much did your trip cost?
Around $15,000. That figure includes the cost of a variety of expenses, including a storage unit for my stuff, car insurance, health insurance, traveler’s insurance, and vaccinations. The largest expense was my round-the-world ticket (26 individual plane tickets) that cost about $4,000.

How long did you plan your trip before you went?
A former boyfriend introduced me to the idea of traveling around the world, and when we parted company, I scaled down our original plan to one that was more within my range of finances and bravery.

What country did you like the most?
Nepal. The people I met were curious, kind and honorable, and the countryside was an intriguing mix of familiar with unfamiliar — forests of rhododendrons on the side of the mountains more spectacular than I could ever imagine.

miami-book-fair-kristine-stevensWere you worried about being physical harmed while you traveled?
Before the trip I was mostly worried about getting sick – infections and diseases. At the beginning of my trip, however, when I was in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, my focus quickly became more about physical safety. At the YWCA, I met a wonderful French woman named Servane who taught me some travel basics, namely listen to your instincts even if you cannot logically explain the feeling.

How did the trip change your life?
I could spend hours answering this but here are a few specifics:

  • I take a more active role in the direction of my life.
  • I am quicker to stand up for myself and others.
  • I am more grateful for the people, things and opportunities in my life.
  • I take less for granted.
  • I am more cognizant of my shortcomings, which helps me be more patient and open-minded when it comes to other people.
  • I constantly crave new experiences.
  • miami-book-fair-wild-thingEven now, because I learned to value all possessions during my trip, I cannot leave used soap behind in hotels. I have to carry it all along with me, often using it up when I get home.

Are you going to take another trip and write another book?
Yes! I’d like to do all of the following:

  • Walk the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in northern Spain
  • Explore locations along the Pacific Rim
  • Visit islands of service, places where my skill set can help improve lives or help save the environment.

Is your book available on Kindle or Nook?
Yes to Kindle, and yes to Nook.


Thank you to everyone who stopped by my booth! It was a pleasure meeting you all. And bless the young man who stopped by for no other apparent reason than to flirt with me.


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About Kristine K. Stevens

Book Cover200Kristine is the author of "If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It Isn't Big Enough: A Solo Journey Around the World." This nonfiction book tells the story of how she sold her house, quit her job and traveled around the world.

Kirkus Book Review: "... Stevens makes a friendly, relatable narrator ... plenty of colorful stories to make this an enjoyable, inspiring read... An often sweet memoir about finding oneself in many different places."

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