Go to Copenhagen. Now.

Graffiti, Copenhagen, DenmarkCan’t rave enough about Copenhagen. It gathers wonderful nuances from a variety of European cities all into one place. There are so many things to do, see, explore, eat and drink. Highlights include:

Styles range from Medieval to urban. There is a grand palace complex called Amalienborg, where the Royal Life Guard protects the Royal Family. For something a little cozier, visit Rosenborg Castle, a former king’s petite summer residence.

Enjoy an exquisite Monet at the Ny Carlsberg Glypototek or comical graffiti (like my favorite in the photo) on the street.

There are incredible restaurants and breweries like Mikeller Brewery. I have to admit that my favorite new food was a hot dog from Anderson Bakery. Presenting the Grand Danois. Best. Hot. Dog. Ever. Organic pork sausage from Bornholm. “Topped with organic ketchup, mustard from Bornholm, handmade remoulade, handmade crispy onions and homepickled cucumbers.”

Walk and bike almost everywhere. A boat tour along the harbor gave us a great perspective of Copenhagen as a whole. We rode bike on a dedicated lane up the coast to Dyrehaven (The Deer Park). A quick jump onto a train and a short walk got us to the waterfront Viking Museum. Watch craftsmen building Viking ships the traditional way or check out the remains of 1,000-year-old ships on display.

Special events
We were in Copenhagen for some of the Euro 2012 soccer games and Sankt Hans aften, a holiday celebrating the summer solstice with bonfires. It gave us a chance to see what loyal and passion people the Danes are.

I could go on and on, but look at the pictures and see for your self.


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