Beeyard drama: Hive renamed Bitchy Bees, eviction notice served (April 2017 beekeeping log, part 2)

April 15 continued

Candyland has formally been renamed Bitchy Bees, and an eviction notice is in progress. They are way more aggressive than I want to deal with – they attacked from the moment I lifted the top lid (solid inner cover still in place!) and got considerately more hostile the closer I got to the nuc frames. They didn’t get through my double pants (don’t have to sting my thighs YET AGAIN for me to learn that trick), but two bees were angry enough to partially get through my goat skin gloves.

So I am investigating my options. Because bees live only roughly 60 days, I can replace the current queen with a nice queen who will produce kinder progeny. Or I may see if an experienced friend is willing to take them, perhaps trade for some mellower ones.

Irregular comb-building pattern
Bitchy Bees have started to build new comb on a new frame, but in weird streaks – may be they don’t like the wax-coated plastic frames. For sure, they HATE being smoked, even when I added fresh rosemary to it. I tried spritzing them with water and that didn’t seem to make much/enough difference when it came to attacking.


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