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Kristine K. Stevens and king crab, near Juneau, Alaska

Photo highlights by chapter

Below are photo highlights taken during my round-the-world trip, organized by chapters in my nonfiction travel book, “If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It Isn’t Big Enough: A Solo Journey Around the World.”

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— Kristine K. Stevens

Chapter 1: I prey to thee

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Chapter 2: My tick with time

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Chapter 3: Resorting to a fortified oasis

North of Mombasa, Kenya

Chapter 4: Let me pet your ossicones

Nairobi, Kenya

Chapter 5: Driving on half-baked brownies

Safari in Kenya (Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Samburu National Reserve)

Chapter 6: Thirty-eight Snickers to a better attitude

Mumbai, India

NOTE: No photos were taken while I was detained in India, but Snickers bars were an integral part of the experience.

Chapter 7: Yak cheese pizza and humble pie

Trekking along the Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in Nepal

Chapter 8: Wavy chain of events

Kathmandu, Nepal

Chapter 9: Flours along the trail

Bangkok, Thailand

Chapter 10: Thank you very big

Phuket, Thailand

Chapter 11: Spreading farang cooties

Bangkok, Thailand, to Vientiane, Laos

Chapter 12: Ladyboys of the night

Vientiane, Laos

Chapter 13: Chicken of the dark

Vang Vieng, Laos

Chapter 14: Sticky rice and Adam's apples

Luang Prabang, Laos

Chapter 15: Temple for the well-heeled

Bangkok, Thailand

Chapter 17: Aloha, sticker shock

Big Island, Hawaii

Chapter 18: Red plaid fish

Oahu, Hawaii

Chapter 20: A 586,000-square-mile outdoor asylum

Seward to Fairbanks, Alaska

Hunters are advised to carry bells so bears can hear them coming and pepper spray to chase bears away. However, there’s a joke tied to this reasoning. How do you tell the difference between black bear and grizzly bear scat? Black bear scat is full of berry seeds, and grizzly bear scat is full of bells and smells like pepper.

Chapter 21: Where did that come from?

Barrow, Alaska

Chapter 22: Boys, bugs and beavers

Fairbanks, Alaska

Chapter 23: Crabby growers, not showers

Juneau, Alaska

Chapter 24: This ain't television

Windfall Island and Admiralty Island, Alaska

Chapter 25: Bottles of sadness

Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada

Chapter 26: Humor strikes my line

Juneau-Douglas, Alaska

Chapter 27: Darkness in the sun

Key West, Florida


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About author Kristine K. Stevens and her travel book

Book Cover200Kristine is the author of "If Your Dream Doesn't Scare You, It Isn't Big Enough: A Solo Journey Around the World." This nonfiction book tells the story of how she sold her house, quit her job and traveled around the world.

Carrying a backpack and the naïve belief that the trip was nothing more than a six-month-long vacation, she hit the road. Little did Kristine know that she was completing a pilgrimage that would change her life forever.

Kirkus Book Review: "... Stevens makes a friendly, relatable narrator ... plenty of colorful stories to make this an enjoyable, inspiring read... An often sweet memoir about finding oneself in many different places."
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